6 quick tips for a successful set-up call

#1 Start jotting down questions

The Specialist will be focused on your specific processes and needs, so it’s the best time to get all your scenarios covered and questions answered.

#2 Collect a few of your bills and invoices

You’ll have the opportunity to walk through the process and see how easy it is to pay and get paid while on the call.

#3 Invite the right teammates

Make sure you have your PayMaker administrator and your accounting software administrator on the call. They are required to attend to do the set-up and connect your accounting software. If you have someone else who manages the day-to-day AP and AR workflow, they will likely be a great contributor on the call. It’s not recommended to have a large group join since we will want to focus on the administrator work.

#4 Make a list of users

If you have approvers, reviewers, clerks or other members of the AP / AR process, the Specialist will walk you through how to get them set up.

During set-up we will help ensure that your account and communications are recognizable for your vendors and customers. The logo image must be in one of the following formats: JPG, GIF, PNG. The default image size is 100 pixels (width) by 50 pixels (height).

#6 Do a quick review on sync

Check out the Support Center articles on accounting software sync to get an idea of what it is and how it works.