Now in your account! New bill improvements

PayMaker is always working to streamline your workflow and help you process payables more efficiently, and now you have even more control over how you enter bills.

We’ve added a simple slider that lets you expand the view of your document or bill details. Plus, we reorganized important bill sections for easier review and access. And that’s just the start!


Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Create and edit bills

  • Flexible bill entry/edit screen: Instead of being limited to one bill entry view, you can choose between two dynamic views when creating bills for faster coding. You can even switch back and forth at any time as your needs change.
    • Side-by-side: Best for entering a bill with many line items so you can enter them with less scrolling, or for expanding the view of the document
    • Top-down: Best for entering bills with fewer line items, or if you need a larger view of the document
  • Expand or reduce the size of the document viewer: Helpful for bills with no document, or if you need to review more of the document at once.
  • Expand or reduce the size of the line item grid: Helpful when you create bills with many line items so you can use your available space the way you want, with less scrolling and more efficient data entry

View bills

  • All bill information in one place: Payment status, approval status, and payment type move to the top of the bill summary, along with vendor details, payment type, and last 5 bills so you can quickly view these key pieces of information without looking at opposite sides of the bill
  • Quick access to more key actions: Added Edit and Delete buttons to the top of the bill summary give you easier access, rather than having to first click into a menu
  • Navigate through bills with less clicks: Side-by-side previous and next buttons allow you to freely move from bill to bill with one easy click

Are there any changes with the sync?

  • No. These changes will not affect how your bills sync to and from your accounting software.

Can I still schedule payment from the bill?

  • Yes. Review and pay will still be available directly on the bill, to bank authorized users.

What was added to bills?

  • Edit and Delete links are now on the main bill details screen so you can take these actions with less clicks
  • Previous and next links are now on the top center of the page, with clear labels, to help you quickly navigate from bill to bill

What was removed from bills?

  • The option to undock a document on a bill to open in a new window has been removed, replaced by the more dynamic and flexible horizontal document view slider
  • No need to toggle “split this amount” to enter multiple line items. Simply enter the lines you need, and click Add new to add more lines.

Will my view preferences stick from bill to bill?

  • Yes. If you move your line items under the document, or change the size of the document viewer, those settings will also be applied to the next bill, until you change them.