Refund a customer

To refund a customer through PayMaker, add them as a new vendor in your account and send them a payables payment.

If your customer has a account:

  • If your account is connected to theirs in the Network, you can use the same Payment Network ID (PNI) to connect to them as a vendor
    1. Find their Payment Network ID under the Details tab of their customer record in your account
    2. Add their PNI to their vendor record in your account

If your customer does not have a account:

  • Send them an invite so they can create an account and add their own bank account information
  • Send them a paper check

If you have an open credit memo for the customer:

  • You can delete the credit memo after you refund them
  • You can't write off credit memos or mark as refunded in PayMaker, you can delete, apply to an invoice, or leave it open