Send, track, and cancel invitations

After you have sent a network invite, you have a few options for tracking and follow-up.

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Search for a business in the network and send an invite

Connect to another PayMaker account within our network to pay and get paid via ePayments, faster than paper checks!

Note: If you have a subscription free basic account, you will not be able to search the network. You will need to provide your payment network ID (PNI) to your customer or vendor, and they can connect to you with that. See the article at the bottom of this page for more info.

Search for a business

  1. Log in to PayMaker
  2. Click the network icon
  3. Click Access additional network features here
  4. Enter the search criteria you want to use. You can search for companies using:
    • Business name (Ex: Acme Baking)
    • Business name + ZIP code (This can refine the search results and is helpful if the business name is common. Ex: Acme Baking 94132)
    • Payment Network ID (You will need to obtain this information from your customer/vendor directly)
  5. Click the name of your customer/vendor from the list to visit their network profile page
  6. Click Connect
  7. Select how you plan to do business
    • If they are a new vendor/customer for you, select the new option - we'll automatically add them to your Vendor or Customer list
    • If you already have them in your Vendor/Customer list, select them from the drop-down menu(s)
  8. Click Send When they accept your invitation, you will be connected through the Network.

If the vendor already uses an account to get paid via PayMaker, they won't need to accept your invite. The connection will happen automatically and you'll be able to start paying them electronically right away. If a vendor does not have an account yet, you can still send them an invitation to connect!

Things to know

  • Search the Network when adding a new vendor in the Pay a Vendor feature or when creating a new bill
  • Search Stop Words: Stop words are common words or phrases automatically eliminated from searches to help improve search results
    • Our stop words are: LLC, INC, &, and, of, Corp, and Co
  • Search results will display Managed by, so you can trust that you're connecting with the companies you want to connect with

Track a network invite

The real-time network Invitation tracker gives you a way to quickly view the status on a network invitation to a vendor or customer, and quickly view or take any pertinent actions at each stage, right from their profile.

Upon sending an invite to a customer or vendor, you will see the tracker appear at the top of the profiles, with the Connection request sent step marked as completed.

Invitation tracker stages:

Invitation sent

  • Customer
  • Vendor

Invitation accepted

  • For customers, this is the last step of the connection. When your customer accepts the invite, the tracker no longer appears on their profile and you are successfully linked.
  • For vendors, if they have not added a verified bank account yet, the tracker will show as Invite accepted, but not quite Connected. You can still send check payments while waiting for their bank to be set up.
  • Once the vendor adds a bank, the tracker will no longer appear on their profile, you will be successfully linked, and payment method will show as electronic payments.

Invitation declined

  • If your customer or vendor declines the invitation, the tracker will show a red X, and display a message indicating the invitation was declined, and that it may only be resent once to reduce SPAM. You can cancel or send the invitation again right from the links on the tracker.

  • If you click resend from the tracker, a popup appears to confirm you'd like to resend and to reiterate that it can only be sent one more time.

    We highly suggest double checking the email address or Payment Network ID, and let the vendor know the invitation will be coming.

    You can then opt to re-send, cancel the re-send, and/or hide the warning in the future.

Invitation Expired

  • Invitations will expire if there is no response after 60 days. The tracker will indicate the invitation has expired, and there will be an option to resend on the tracker.

Cancel a network invite

After sending a customer or vendor an invitation to pay or get paid by you electronically, you may need to cancel the invite. This might be due to an incorrect email address, an invite sent to the wrong person, or that you simply changed your mind.

Please note that once an invitation is sent, we cannot prevent the email from going out to the listed email address. Canceling an invite will invalidate the link contained in the invite email, not recall the emailed invitation itself.

An expired invitation can't be canceled this way, it is automatically cancelled upon expiration. Also, you can't cancel an invite if it was already accepted, you will need to unlink with the steps below.

Cancel an invite

  1. Log in to PayMaker
  2. Click the network icon
  3. Click Access additional network features here
  4. Click Invites
  5. Under Invites Received, click Sent
  6. Click on the vendor whose invite you'd like to cancel
  7. Scroll down and click Cancel Invite


  1. Log in to PayMaker
  2. Click Vendors in the left navigation pane
  3. Click on the vendor whose invite you'd like to cancel
  4. Click More actions
    • If you see Cancel Invite here, you can click that to cancel a pending invite, or go to step 5
  5. Click on Invites
  6. Click the name on the invite you'd like to cancel
  7. Click Cancel Invite

Disconnect a network connection


  1. Click Vendors in the left navigation menu
  2. Select the vendor to disconnect
  3. Click More actions
  4. Click Disconnect
  5. On the confirmation popup, click Disconnect


  1. Click Customers in the left navigation menu
  2. Select the customer to disconnect
  3. Click More actions
  4. Click Disconnect
  5. On the confirmation popup, click Disconnect

Send a reminder for a network invite

If you invited a company to connect on the Network and they haven't accepted the invite yet, you can send a reminder.

  1. Log in to PayMaker
  2. Click the Network icon
  3. Click Access additional network features here
  4. Click Invites
  5. Under Invites Received, click Sent
  6. Click on the Company you'd like to remind about your invite
  7. Scroll down and click Resend Invite

Invite sent to a vendor already using

If you sent your vendor an invitation to receive ePayments from your company and learned that they already use, don't worry! You can connect with their existing account. They don't have to create a new account to connect with you.

All you need is their Payment Network ID, which they can provide to you. They'll find it on their My Network Profile page, displayed in Additional Network Features, under the Network icon.

Once you have your vendor's Payment Network ID(PNI), cancel any pending invitation, and adding the PNI to the vendor's details in your AP account will close out the pending invitation.

You must have Manage Vendors permissions to follow these steps.

Add a vendor's Payment Network ID (PNI)

  1. Click Vendors in the left navigation pane
  2. Click the vendor's name
  3. Click Details
  4. Click Enter next to Payment Network ID
  5. Enter your vendor's Payment Network ID and click Search
  6. Click Connect and pay on the vendor in the list that matches your vendor
  7. Click Confirm after you verify the vendor's details

Your vendor will receive a connection request, and once they confirm the connection and add a bank account, you can send them ePayments.