Network Invitation Tracker

The real-time Network Invitation tracker gives you a way to quickly view the status on a Network invitation to a vendor or customer, and quickly view or take any pertinent actions at each stage, right from their profile.

Upon sending an invite to a customer or vendor, you will see the tracker appear at the top of the profiles, with the Connection request sent step marked as completed.

Invitation tracker stages

Invitation sent

  • Customer
  • Vendor

Invitation accepted

  • For customers, this is the last step of the connection. When your customer accepts the invite, the tracker no longer appears on their profile and you are successfully linked.
  • For vendors, if they have not added a verified bank account yet, the tracker will show as Invite accepted, but not quite Connected. You can still send check payments while waiting for their bank to be set up.
  • Once the vendor adds a bank, the tracker will no longer appear on their profile, you will be successfully linked, and payment method will show as electronic payments.

Invitation declined

  • If your customer or vendor declines the invitation, the tracker will show a red X, and display a message indicating the invitation was declined, and that it may only be resent once to reduce SPAM. You can cancel or send the invitation again right from the links on the tracker.

  • If you click resend from the tracker, a popup appears to confirm you'd like to resend and to reiterate that it can only be sent one more time.

    We highly suggest double checking the email address or Payment Network ID, and let the vendor know the invitation will be coming.

    You can then opt to re-send, cancel the re-send, and/or hide the warning in the future.

Invitation Expired

  • Invitiations will expire if there is no response after 60 days. The tracker will indicate the invitation has expired, and there will be an option to resend on the tracker.