Recent Icon

The Recent Icon makes it easier to jump back to a recently viewed place in your PayMaker account.

  • Click on each listed item to navigate to that page; it does not open a new tab

  • The list will immediately update based on the pages/items you last visited

  • The list is maintained at a user level, so you will see recent pages you have visited, not the ones another user has

  • Close the card by clicking on the X, on Recent in the top menu, or simply anywhere outside of the drawer

  • Pages/items visible will depend on your permissions

    • if you had access to an item, then your permissions are changed, the list item will still appear in your recent list (until you visit enough pages that it falls off), but when you click on it, you will see an error page
  • The types of ages that will be listed in the recent list are:

    • Bills
    • Vendors
    • Vendor Credits
    • Payments
    • Documents
    • Invoices
    • Customers
    • Payments Received
    • Items