Returned Checks

Note: Due to current circumstances, returned checks may increase due to your vendors' potentially closed businesses and reduced business hours. We highly suggest contacting your vendors to ensure they will be receiving mail, before sending paper checks. This is a great time to get all your vendors setup for ePayments!

If a check sent by PayMaker is unable to be delivered via USPS, it is mailed back to our offices and destroyed, and we notify your payer and admin via email, as well as add a to do list notification.

If you receive notification that a check was returned to us, you will need to either void and credit the funds back to your account or fix any necessary information on the vendor record and then void and reissue the payment.

** Note: If no action is taken on a returned check after 90 days, the payment will automatically void, the funds will be remitted to the bank account (if it is still active), and the original bill(s) will return to unpaid or partially paid as the case may be. You can then pay the bill again, delete if it is completely unpaid, or edit as desired.

These voided payments will attempt to sync to your accounting software if you sync with one, and may cause errors if the payment date is within a closed period. You can clear these errors from your sync status page if the option is available, or contact Customer Support for assistance.
There can be a number of reasons why checks are returned. The most common ones are as follows:

  • Invalid mailing address
  • Check can not be delivered due to incorrect address
  • Insufficient information on check or invoice
  • The vendor does not know how to apply the payment with the given information
  • Duplicate payment
  • Payment was already received from the vendor regarding the payment account