Editing email templates

Users with Invoice Templates permissions can edit the email template we use to send your customers their invoice information.

Note: This is not available on subscription free basic accounts. Upgrade your price plan to customize email templates.

  1. Click Settings

  2. Under Receivables, click Email Templates

  3. Click to select either Invoices or Credit Memos to select the applicable email template

  4. Click Edit

  5. Edit email template details

    • REPLY-TO - select the user to whom replies from customers will go
    • Subject - enter the subject to be used on emails
    • Body - edit as desired; you can use our content holders to customize per customer.
      • Step 1: Select one
      • Customer Name
      • Invoice Number
      • Invoice Amount Due
      • Invoice Due Date
      • Invoice Number
      • Link to Pay Invoice
      • Step 2: Copy and paste into the email where you'd like the piece of information to appear. When emails are sent, the specific piece of information applicable to the customer being emailed will be auto-populated.
  6. Click Save