Xero Sync Error: This invoice was modified in Bill.com after a payment was made. These changes should be recorded manually in Xero.

Why the Sync Error occurs

This error occurs when an invoice has been edited after a payment has been made and applied to it in Xero.

Edits made on the invoice can be reviewed in the audit trail. To view the audit trail of the invoice:

  1. Click Invoices in the left navigation menu
  2. Click the Invoice number
  3. Click More actions
  4. Click Audit Trail

How to Fix the Sync Error

To fix the error:

  1. Manually update any changes needed in Xero
  2. On the sync status page, click Resolve
  3. Select I've updated this invoice in Xero; remove this error and sync future updates
  4. Click Confirm
  5. Sync again