Receivables: Recording Offline Payments

Use PayMaker to keep track of all payments received, even ones paid outside of PayMaker.

  1. Click Payments In or Overview in the left navigation menu
  2. Click Get Paid
  3. Select the customer
  4. Make sure Record manual payment is selected
  5. Enter payment details:
    • Amount - The amount of the payment
    • Payment Date - Date the payment was received
    • Payment Type - Cash, Check, Credit Card, ePayment, PayPal, Other
    • Reference Number - A number used for referencing the payment
    • Deposit To - GL account for the payment to post to, if applicable
    • Allow Export - check this box if you want the payment to sync to the accounting software.
      • If the payment is already in the accounting software, this should be unchecked
      • This option will not appear if you have opted to never sync offline payments in your sync preferences
    • Memo - Enter any notes, if necessary
  6. Select invoice(s) to apply payment to
  7. Enter amount to apply each invoice
  8. Click Submit