Send a note to a customer

PayMaker offers the option to send notes to customers you are connected to via the Network, as a general note, or even on a specific invoice.

Send a Note

General note for the customer

  1. Click Customers in the left navigation menu
  2. Click the Customer name
  3. Click the Notes tab
  4. Enter note
  5. Toggle Visible to customer on
  6. Click Save

Note for a specific invoice

  1. Locate the eInvoice or eCredit in question
  2. Enter message in the Notes section
  3. Toggle Make visible to customer on
  4. Click Save


  • Status updates (Sent, Accepted, Approved, Payment Processed, Payment Void) will be visible to connected customers on eInvoices and ePayments
  • If you don't select Make visible to customer, notes you add to eInvoices will only be visible to other PayMaker users who work in your account and can view Invoices
  • Tag other users on the PayMaker account in notes for easy communication and collaboration! Just type @, followed by their name.
  • If a customer leaves a note, we will notify users with manage invoice permissions via email. Click Reply in the email, and it will open the invoice in PayMaker, so issues can be resolved quickly and easily.