Adding new customers

It's easy to create new customers in PayMaker.

To create a new customer

  1. Click Customers in the left navigation pane
    • If you have no customers yet, you will see an option to import customers on this page. Clicking this link will redirect you to the sync setup page if you selected an accounting software we integrate with. If not, it will redirect to our Import/Export tool to import the customer list via .CSV
  2. Click +Customer
  3. Enter the customer's information
    • Address auto-complete options, if available, will appear once you begin entering any US address which you can select to auto-complete the fields, or you can enter manually
  4. Click Save

Things to know

  • When adding several customers, click the green arrow and click "Save & New Customer" to create another new customer.
  • If you sync with an accounting software, we highly suggest not manually importing customers via CSV into PayMaker, unless they do not exist in your accounting software at all, to avoid duplicates and sync errors