QuickBooks Online Sync Error: The name "<list item name>" of the list element is already in use

Why the Sync Error occurs

This error occurs when an account, item, location, class, or project/job is created in PayMaker, but it already exists in QuickBooks Online.

How to Fix the Sync Error

  1. Check for duplicate list items in PayMaker
    • If so, merge and keep the integration ID of the list item from QuickBooks Online
  2. If there are no duplicate list items in PayMaker, check that the list item already exists in QuickBooks Online
    • If so, edit the list item in QuickBooks Online, add an asterisk to the description field, save, and sync
    • This will update the list item and link to the one created in PayMaker
  3. If the list item does not exist in QuickBooks Online, check inactive list items
    • If inactive or not found, either reactivate and sync or edit the name in PayMaker to something unique and sync