QuickBooks Online Sync Error: Another customer, vendor, employee, or donor is already using this name in QBO. Please use a different name or ensure that there are no duplicates in Bill.com

Why the Sync Error occurs

This error occurs because QuickBooks Online (QBO) prevents a duplicate name from being created in the accounting software. When a customer, vendor, or employee of the same name already exists in QBO, it will need to be updated to sync to QBO.

How to Fix the Sync Error

If there are two records in PayMaker or QBO:

  • The records will need to be merged
  • This includes inactive records
  • Contact Customer Support for assistance with merging records

If duplicate records cannot be identified in PayMaker or QBO, the name may exist in another QBO list:

  • If the duplicate name cannot be located in QBO, edit the name of the record attempting to sync in PayMaker by adding an asterisk to the record name and run the sync. After editing and syncing, remove the extra character in the record's name in QBO and save. An error message will display in QBO and provide a list that contains the record with the same name.
  • If the record with the same name in QBO is a different record type than the record attempting to sync and both records are needed, edit the name of one of the records so they are not the same and sync. The vendor is paid using the Pay To field so the edit to the name of the record will not impact the payment.