Set up a vendor for ePayments

ePayments are a great way to pay vendors. Payments go directly to the vendor's bank account. No waiting for checks to arrive and no time-consuming trips to the bank! Setting up a vendor for ePayments is easy and we have a few options to complete the setup:

Invite when adding a new vendor

When adding a new vendor into your Payables account in PayMaker, all the vendors in the network matching that name will appear on the vendor pick list. Choose a vendor from the list and automatically send an invite to network when the vendor is saved. Click View and edit email invitation to see the email the vendor will receive. When saving the vendor, all company details entered by the vendor in their own account will populate the vendor record in your account. Be sure the vendor on the list matches your vendor! When the vendor accepts the invitation, the connection is complete.

Invite when adding an email address for a vendor

When adding an email address to the Vendor's details, we send them an invitation to network with your PayMaker account. Click Preview invite to see the email the vendor will receive. This will enable them to be paid faster with electronic payments. If they do not already have a PayMaker account, they can open a free Receivables account where they can receive payments from PayMaker users, manage customers and invoices, and connect with other businesses using PayMaker.

Enter vendor bank information manually in PayMaker

If the vendor provides their bank information, it can be manually entered into their vendor record within your PayMaker account.

  1. In PayMaker, locate the vendor
  2. Click more options
  3. Click Edit Vendor
  4. Select ePayments - I have my vendor's bank account info and I'll manage it myself for now
    • select Invite my vendor to join and manage their own bank info if you'd like to also invite your vendor to create a free basic account to manage their info in the future
  5. Enter the vendor's bank account information in the Vendor Bank Info section that just opened up
    • Bank Account Holder's name (may or may not be the same as the vendor name, but should be the actual bank account holder's name)
    • Routing Number
    • Account Number
    • Re-enter Account Number
  6. Click Save

The bank account is immediately in a verified status. In 1-2 business days, a test deposit of $0.01 (a penny) will be sent to your vendor's bank account to confirm it is able to receive payments, this will not be debited back. If the test deposit is not successful, the bank account will be invalidated and a notification will be sent to the User who entered the bank account information. A new bank account entry will need to be made for the vendor if wanting to send ePayments. Until a new bank account is provided, the payment method will default back to Mail Check.

From the Network banner

Once a vendor record is saved, if no invitation has been sent already, a banner will be displayed:

Click Set up ePayments and we will display potential matches within the Network

  • If one of the potential matches is your vendor, click Request to ePay and we'll send then a request to connect. Once they accept, your account will immediately be connected to theirs.
  • If none of the potential matches are your vendor, click I don't see a match for my vendor and send an invitation for your vendor to accept to create an account connected to yours

This banner can be dismissed if you wish to see more of the Vendor details page. If dismissed, it will be dismissed for all vendor records, however, we will still show a Set up ePayments option.

Enter the vendor's Payment Network ID

If the vendor is already using to receive payments electronically, ask them for their Payment Network ID and enter it manually onto their vendor record to connect.

  1. In PayMaker, locate the vendor
  2. Click More actions
  3. Click Enter PNI
  4. Enter your vendor's Payment Network ID and click Search
  5. Click Connect & Pay
  6. Click Confirm

Send invites to multiple vendors at once

If you want to send ePayment invitations to multiple vendors at once:

  1. Click the Network icon
  2. Click Access additional network features here

  3. Next to Invite, click View All to see all vendors available to invite

  4. Uncheck the boxes for the vendors you do not want to invite
  5. Click Next
  6. Verify the names and email addresses on the invites and edit as needed
    • Click Customize invite if you'd like to customize and preview the invitation before sending
  7. Click Invite now

Things to know

  • Vendor invitations expire after 60 days if not accepted
  • Per federal regulations, a full address will be required to be added to a vendor record before a payment can be made to that vendor
  • Because all bank information is encrypted once entered into PayMaker, we do not have the ability to download or export vendor bank information.