How your invited vendors set up their account

Below is the flow your vendor will take when you invite them to receive payments electronically from you.

Benefits for your vendor signing up for a free Basic Receivables account

Basic Receivables accounts are completely free! With one they can:

  • Once a bank account has been added successfully to the their account, payments to them will be directly deposited into their bank account
  • Manage multiple customers who use PayMaker or to pay them all in one account
  • They can explore the Network and connect with other customers using
  • Send eInvoices to you and other PayMaker or users
  • Receive documents in their Inbox
  • Manage invoices and record offline payments
  • …and more!

When the vendor accepts your invite

  1. In the invite email, they click Accept the invite and get paid faster

  2. They will be redirected to the signup page

  3. They will then fill out some information about themselves and create a password

    • If you have already entered information on your vendor's record, some fields will be pre-filled
  4. Then they click Sign up

  5. They select whether they are a business, contractor, employee or other

  6. Then they enter some information about themselves or their company and click Continue

  7. Next they would set up Multi-Factor Authentification, provide a phone number to receive a code by text or voice, to keep their account safe

  8. After submitting the code, they will see a page that confirms they have successfully created an account

  9. When they click Great! Take me into, they will be prompted to enter their bank information

    • We will send a test deposit of $0.01 (a penny) to verify the account is able to receive payments; it will not be debited back out
  10. And that's it! They Click Get Started to land on their dashboard.

Identity Verification

In some cases, we will need additional information to verify their account. If so, on the Overview page, they will see an additional step to complete: Verify your identity to activate your bank account