What vendors see for ePayments

When a vendor receives an ePayment, they will be sent:

  • An email notification including the payment info:
    • Payment Method
    • Payment Date
    • Invoice #s paid
  • An update on their bank statement regarding the deposit (referred to as a header)

Header Records

The header pertains to the information regarding the deposit displayed on a Vendor's bank statement. The headers display differently based on how the Vendor was connected:

Header for a Network Match, Manual Invite, and Bank Setup

Network Match (connecting via Payment Network ID), a Manual Invite for your Vendor or Manually entering the Vendor's Bank account displays the headers as follows:

  • < Business name the payment is sent from > via PayMaker
  • Invoice number being paid with the payment
    • If multiple invoices are paid with one payment, invoice # will not show, instead it will say Multiple
  • Amount paid
  • Reference ID (this is the ACH Confirmation Number)

Note: What is displayed on bank statements is dependant on what the receiving bank chooses to display.

Header for a Directory Match

When setting up Vendor's via the Directory Match for large billers, the headers displays as follows:

  • Business name the payment is sent from
  • Account number of the vendor
  • Amount paid
  • Trace number (identifies each entry within a batch in an ACH input file)
  • Email Notifications