Best practices for entering vendors

The following guidelines will help ensure that payments reach your vendors in a timely manner:

  • Enter a complete and accurate address for each vendor
  • Enter an Account Number for every vendor, where applicable
  • If an Account Number is not available, enter information that will help the vendor to post the payment correctly
  • If there are several accounts with the same vendor, create one vendor record for each account and append the vendor name with the last four digits of the account number, to tell them apart
    • Example: AT&T - 3456, AT&T - 5678
    • The account number will be included on the payment
    • The Pay To field can remain the same for all the vendor records
  • When using ePayments to pay an employee or independent contractor, include their name in the Account Number field
  • PayMaker includes the invoice number with the payment
    • Make sure it matches or includes information that will help the vendor to apply the payment toward the correct invoice
  • PayMaker includes the first page of the document on your check stub when sending a check for one payment. Make sure the first page of the document is the best one to include with the payment.