Payables payment timing - ACH or check

When using the PayMaker service, allow 4 banking days for both ePayments and mailed checks. After 5 qualified payments, payment timing for payments under $5,000 will be on accelerated payment timing (2 business days).

Paying a bill

  • Enter details on the bill and schedule a payment (Schedule a payment by 6 pm PT, and we'll start working on it the next banking day)
  • We show an expected arrival date for each payment
  • Allow 4 banking days for the payment to be received by the vendor (unless payments qualify for accelerated payment timing)
  • Banking days are Monday through Friday (excluding bank holidays)
  • The Pay screen will always show an Arrives by date for ePayments, and Est. arrival date for checks
  • Check arrival dates are always shown as estimates, since we cannot guarantee USPS delivery times, and may take longer than 4 banking days to reach the vendor.


Standard Payment Timing

ePayment ePayment - large amount new Check Check - large amount new

Accelerated Payment Timing

ePayment ePayment - small amount new Check Check - small amount new

When scheduling a payment via PayMaker, the earliest process date that can be selected is the next banking day (the current date can not be selected). Weekends and holidays do not count in the banking world; if the day selected is a bank holiday or weekend day, the system will automatically push the process date to the next available banking day.

  • Example: If attempting to schedule a payment on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday), the system will automatically make the process day Friday, which is not a bank holiday.
  • If a weekend or bank holiday falls within the regular processing time for a payment, the payment will take an extra day to process, since banks do not operate on those days. That extra day will be reflected in the "Arrives By" Date.