Working with Purchase Orders

To help streamline and consolidate your payables, Purchase Orders now sync between PayMaker and NetSuite or Intacct!

Accounts that do not sync, or sync with another software version will not have the PO feature at this time.

Purchase Order Workflow

POs must be created and maintained in Intacct or NetSuite. POs are view only in PayMaker, and are a 1 way only sync, from Intacct or NetSuite to PayMaker.

Note: POs in draft status, and any approval statuses on the POs in Intacct or NetSuite will not sync to PayMaker.

  1. Create the PO in Intacct or NetSuite
  2. Sync, which creates the view-only PO in PayMaker
  3. Create a bill for the PO in Intacct or NetSuite
  4. Sync, which creates the bill in PayMaker and links it to to the PO in PayMaker
  5. Schedule payment for the bill in PayMaker
  6. Sync, which creates the payment record in Intacct or NetSuite and updates the bill and PO status, depending on partial or full payment/receipt

You do have the option to create the bill for the PO in PayMaker directly, and link it to the PO in PayMaker. That bill will then sync to Intacct or NetSuite and link to the PO.

Once a bill is linked to a PO, it cannot be unlinked and must be deleted if a new bill is required.

Purchase Order Statuses

POs in PayMaker will have one of four statuses:

  • Unfilled
  • Partially filled
  • Filled
  • Canceled

Those statuses sync from Intacct/NetSuite, to PayMaker as follows:

NetSuite PayMaker
Pending Receipt Unfilled
Pending Billing Partially Filled
Partially received Partially Filled
Billed Filled
Received Filled
Canceled Canceled

Intacct PayMaker
Pending Unfilled
In progress Unfilled
Partially converted Partially Filled
Converted Filled
Closed Canceled

Additional Info for Intacct

  • 2 new sync preferences will be required to sync POs
    • PO Template Name on Intacct
    • PO Vendor Invoice Template Name on Intacct
  • Vendor Invoices in Intacct do not sync to PayMaker
  • The PO number must be entered into the "Reference Number" field of the bill/vendor credit in Intacct.

Additional Info for NetSuite

  • If you create a bill for a PO in PayMaker instead of NetSuite, be sure to sync twice to update the PO status in PayMaker.
    • The first sync will sync the bill from PayMaker to NetSuite and update the PO status.
    • The second sync then updates the PO status in PayMaker, from NetSuite.

Things to know

  • Please see the FAQs linked below for more information
  • To avoid sync errors, bills originating from purchase orders should not be edited in PayMaker. A reminder will be displayed when Edit is clicked on any bill originating from a PO.
  • If you need to edit a bill originating from a PO, make the edit in NetSuite or Intacct.
  • Purchase order numbers can be viewed when adding documents from the Inbox to existing bills to ensure the document is being linked to the correct bill.
  • Purchase orders are currently only available for NetSuite Sync 2.0 and Intacct Sync 2.0.