Removing a document from a bill

If a document was incorrectly assigned to a bill, the document will need to be removed from that bill so that it can be associated to another bill or document.

To remove (unassociate) a page from a bill

  1. Click Inbox
  2. Click History
    • This displays the Files History, a list of every document processed through the PayMaker Inbox
  3. Click the name of the file to unassociate
  4. The image of one page of this bill will display
    • If the document contains multiple pages, use the Page Number arrows to navigate to the page to be removed (unassociated)
  5. On the pop-up window, click Unassociate
  6. The next page of the bill will display; repeat removal as needed
  7. When done, a message will indicate all pages have been processed
  8. Click Inbox to process document again

Things to know

  • There is no confirmation step to this process
  • There is no "undo" or "reverse" step to this process, but a document can be associated again from the Inbox
  • When the document is Unassociated, the page is untagged from the current page
  • An unassociated page is returned to the PayMaker Inbox
  • From the Inbox, the document can be associated with a document or a bill or deleted