Deleting a bill

For audit and security purposes, once a bill is entered into PayMaker, the system will store it indefinitely. If this document is no longer needed in PayMaker, it can be deactivated.

Deactivating a bill

  1. Locate the bill
    • Find a specific bill by clicking Bills and locating it from the list. Alternatively, search on the vendor's page
  2. Cancel or void the payment (depending on the stage of processing the payment is in) if a payment is pending on the bill
  3. Click on the bill's invoice number
  4. Click More actions
  5. Click Delete bill

Things to know

  • To deactivate a bill, the user must have manage bill/document permissions, such as Administrator, Accountant, or Clerk
  • A paid bill cannot be deactivated
  • A deactivated bill can be reactivated by marking Show inactive bills and clicking the trash can icon