Billable line items

The term billable in this case, refers to resources that can be billed back to customers. For example, professional service firms such as attorneys, accountants and consultants, the billable resource is typically time. However, it can also be expenses and materials.

Making a line item billable on a vendor bill means you intend to bill a related customer back for that specific line item. This feature is only available on accounts that sync with an accounting software.

In order to mark a line item on a bill as billable in PayMaker, Use Customers/Jobs in Payables must be enabled, as a customer must be selected on any billable line items.

Enabling Use Customers/Jobs in Payables

  1. Click the Settings
  2. Click Preferences under Accounting
  3. Click Edit on the top right
  4. Select Yes for "Use Customers / Jobs in Payables"
  5. Click Save

Once this is enabled, you will see the billable toggle on split line items when creating new bills.

To change the billable status of a line item on a bill:

  1. While creating a new bill, click Split this amount to enable line item entry
    • If it is an existing bill, locate the bill
    • Click edit
    • Click Split this amount to enable line item entry
  2. On the line item(s) that needs to be updated, switch the billable toggle to on (green), and ensure a customer is also selected for each billable line item
  3. Save

Note: While PayMaker does not support the direct conversion of billable items to customer invoices at this time, your accounting software likely does; please contact the support for your accounting software for assistance on that step if desired.