Search for a business in the Network

Connect to another PayMaker account within our network to pay and get paid via ePayments, faster than paper checks!

Note: If you have a subscription free basic account, you will not be able to search the network. You will need to provide your payment network ID (PNI) to your customer or vendor, and they can connect to you with that. See the article at the bottom of this page for more info.

Search for a business

  1. Log in to PayMaker
  2. Click the network icon
  3. Click Access additional network features here
  4. Enter the search criteria you want to use. You can search for companies using:
    • Business name (Ex: Acme Baking)
    • Business name + ZIP code (This can refine the search results and is helpful if the business name is common. Ex: Acme Baking 94132)
    • Payment Network ID (You will need to obtain this information from your customer/vendor directly)
  5. Click the name of your customer/vendor from the list to visit their network profile page
  6. Click Connect
  7. Select how you plan to do business
    • If they are a new vendor/customer for you, select the new option - we'll automatically add them to your Vendor or Customer list
    • If you already have them in your Vendor/Customer list, select them from the drop-down menu(s)
  8. Click Send When they accept your invitation, you will be connected through the Network.

If the vendor already uses an account to get paid via PayMaker, they won't need to accept your invite. The connection will happen automatically and you'll be able to start paying them electronically right away. If a vendor does not have an account yet, you can still send them an invitation to connect!

Things to know

  • Search the Network when adding a new vendor in the Pay a Vendor feature or when creating a new bill
  • Search Stop Words: Stop words are common words or phrases automatically eliminated from searches to help improve search results
    • Our stop words are: LLC, INC, &, and, of, Corp, and Co
  • Search results will display Managed by, so you can trust that you're connecting with the companies you want to connect with