Invitation sent to a Vendor already using

If you sent your vendor an invitation to receive ePayments from your company and learned that they already use, don't worry! You can connect with their existing account. They don't have to create a new account to connect with you.

All you need is their Payment Network ID, which they can provide to you. They'll find it on their My Network Profile page, displayed in Additional Network Features, under the Network icon.

Once you have your vendor's Payment Network ID(PNI), adding the PNI to the vendor's details in your AP account will close out the pending invitation.

You must have Manage Vendors permissions to follow these steps.

Adding a Vendor's PNI

  1. Log in to PayMaker
  2. Search for the vendor
  3. Click the more options icon
  4. Click Enter PNI
  5. Enter your vendor's Payment Network ID and click Find
  6. Click Connect
  7. Choose the vendor on the Existing Vendor drop-down list
  8. Click Send

This new connection request will be sent to your vendor. Once they confirm the connection and they've added a bank account, you'll be able to issue ePayments to them.