Sage Intacct Sync Guide: Install the Customization Package in Sage Intacct

Installing the customization package is required to successfully integrate PayMaker and Sage Intacct. A subscription to Customization Services/Platform Services in Sage Intacct is required: 1. Navigate to Company > Subscriptions 2. Select Web Services 3. Click Subscribe

The customization package allows you to do the following:

  • In Sage Intacct, view bill or invoice images you have entered in PayMaker by clicking View Details in

  • In PayMaker, track Sage Intacct updates for deleted Departments, Locations, Vendors, Accounts, Classes, Customers, Items, Projects, Employees, Bills, and Invoices

Install the customization package

To install the customization package, complete the following steps at the Root/Top Level in Sage Intacct:

  1. Download the Customization Package to your desktop
    • This will be a one time use file
  2. In Sage Intacct, go to Customization Services/Platform Services > Customization Packages > Add
  3. Select the saved file from your desktop
  4. Click Import