Troubleshooting issues uploading a file to the Inbox

Any file sent to the PayMaker Inbox must be smaller than 25 MB. If a file is larger than 25MB, look at ways to reduce its size before sending the file to the PayMaker Inbox.

Note: We are aware of a current (March 2020) issue with PDF files not showing a preview though they are not larger than 25MB, which is due to one or more corrupt pages in the document. We are working on a permanent solution, but for now, please download the file to view.

Common issues and suggested solutions

  • Review the file to see if it is unnecessarily high-definition or has dimensions that are needlessly large. Consider reducing the resolution to maintain a reasonable fidelity, but allows for a reduction in the file size.

  • By default, most scanners will scan documents at 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch). Depending on the number of pages, this can create a file size greater than 25MB. Decreasing the scanner's DPI setting to 100 DPI will create smaller files without a loss of quality.

  • Check the file for images. Too many images can dramatically increase the file size of a document. Consider removing unnecessary images or pages from the document to reduce the file size.

  • Review the file for color. If possible, try scanning in black-and-white rather than color. This will reduce file size.

  • Review the number of pages. There may be a large number of pages in the file. You may need to split the document into multiple documents so that each set of pages is below the 25MB limit. You can then add multiple documents to a customer, vendor, or bill.

  • Review the file type. Generally speaking, files meeting the above criteria that are of types: .pdf, Word files (.doc, .docx, etc), Excel files (.xls .csv, etc), .txt, .gif, .png, .jpg and .jpeg will reliably upload.

  • Regardless of the file-size of a given document, the PayMaker Inbox cannot process documents that are more than 250 pages long. To upload a longer document, split it into multiple documents so that each section has less than 250 pages.