Import profile feature

The Import Profile feature allows Users to map column headers from a local file to file headers in PayMaker. This mapping enables the import of records into PayMaker without altering existing spreadsheet organization or disrupting workflow.

Mapping column headers

When uploading a file with unrecognized column headers, a user will be prompted to map headers to the default fields in PayMaker. The Import Profiles can be saved, allowing Users to import files with the same headers again. This will make it faster and easier to export data from an external system and import it into PayMaker each time.

  1. Click Settings
  2. Under Import/Export, click Import/Export
  3. Click Import for the file to import
  4. Choose a file to import that has column headers that differ from the default headers of the Import Sample File for that record type
  5. Click Preview to review the Import Profile Mapping page
  6. Review the column headers in the file and choose which of our headers they represent
    • Required fields are denoted with an asterisk
    • Be sure to map these or there will be an error
  7. Enter a name for this Import Profile
    • Note: Using the name of an existing Import Profile will overwrite the existing Profile
  8. Mark if the Profile is to be set as Default
    • Future imports will use this profile if it's marked as the Default
  9. Click Continue

Things to know

To edit an existing Import Profile, choose the Import Profile from the drop-down menu and click Modify.