To Do List

Your To Do list gives you an at a glance view of any items needing attention, as well as any tasks available to complete.

The list is separated into 2 sections:

Needs Attention

  • Returned checks
  • Failed ePayments, Payables and Receivables
  • Review uncashed checks older than 20 days
  • Records to fix if a user who is listed as an approver on bills is deleted
  • Pending bank accounts setup
  • Fix sync errors
  • Fix denied bills
  • Fix Bill approval policy violations
  • Fix vendor credit policy exceptions
  • Fix credit card setup
  • Returned AR ACH
  • Provide Purpose of Use


  • Process inbox documents
  • Pay overdue bills
  • Pay ready to be paid bills
  • Pay bills due in 7 days
  • Confirm X electronic vendors
  • Approve bills
  • Approve Payments
  • Track invoices (AR) overdue
  • Invoice(s) overdue
  • Track invoices due in 7 days
  • Invoice(s) due in the next 7 days
  • Complete bank account setup
  • Set a valid physical address
  • Set up accounting preferences
  • Setup your bank account to receive online payments
  • Additional security setup
  • Network Invites
  • Invite(s) awaiting your response

Email notifications

To do list email notifications are started at 2:00 AM PT. It takes a few hours to process all the daily email notifications that are sent each day. The email notification processing typically completes by 5:00 AM PT.

The timing of email notification distribution may be impacted by your email service.

Things to know

  • You can toggle the To Do list to automatically expand when you login, or be hidden unless you click the icon.
    • click X to close the to do list manually
  • The specific tasks on the To Do list will depend upon the roles and permissions of each user