Credit Card Charges

PayMaker allows the option to manage your credit card charges.


We recommend using PayMaker to track only Payables, and recording credit card charges in the accounting software package. To do so, use the QuickBooks "Enter Credit Card Charges" function to record credit card charges to the appropriate expense accounts.

However, to store credit card receipts / bill paid via credit card in PayMaker there are two options:

  • Use the Documents function in PayMaker to store client's credit card receipts as Vendor Documents for record-keeping requirements. To do this, send the documents into your PayMaker Inbox via email or drag and drop, then process the file in the Inbox as a Vendor Document.
  • If using QuickBooks Desktop, payments can be recorded directly into Credit Card accounts. Enter the bills (and receipts as bills) into PayMaker and record them as paid and assign them to the corresponding credit card account.

Things to know

If downloading individual charges directly from the credit card provider into a credit card account in QuickBooks Desktop, those downloaded charges will now be automatically matched by the posted payments from PayMaker without requiring manual journal entries in QuickBooks.