Anti-virus Protection

PayMaker has active anti-virus protection. We are working to protect you, your users, and your customers!

Scanning for Viruses

Files uploaded to the PayMaker account are scanned for viruses. If one of your files is determined to have a virus, the document will be quarantined within the PayMaker account.

  • To help keep your computer from being infected with a virus, you will not be able to download any virus-infected files or documents that have been sent to PayMaker
  • If a virus-infected file is shared with one of your customers, they will not be able to download the file
  • We don't allow virus-infected files to be sent to your customers when you send an invoice via email

Files sent by a vendor

  • Contact your vendor and ask them to send the file again

Files sent/uploaded by you or someone in your company

  1. Make sure the anti-virus software on your computer is up-to-date
  2. If possible, run the document through a virus scanner
  3. Once the file has been scanned and corrected, send or upload it again to PayMaker