Charge a customer

If your customers have a bank account or credit card on file, you can manually charge them to process payment for open invoices.

You must have manage invoices permissions to charge customers.

Note: If you have a subscription free basic receivables account, these steps will not charge your customer or initiate payment. This will only mark the bill as paid, which could prevent your customer from processing payment to you. If you are expecting a live payment from your customer, do not follow these steps. Contact your customer to request that they schedule a payment to you.

Checking a customer's payment info

You can check to see if your customer has payment info entered before attempting to charge them.

  1. Click Customers in the left navigation menu
  2. Click the customer name
  3. Click More Actions
    • Click Bank Accounts to see any bank accounts added
    • Click Credit Cards to see any credit cards added

Note: If you or another user added the bank account or credit card, you will see partial information, such as the last four of the card or bank account number. If the customer manages their payment info in the customer portal, you will see only asterisks ( * ).

Charging a customer

  1. Click Payments in in the left navigation pane

  2. Click Get Paid

  3. From the drop-down menu, select the customer to be charged

  4. Select Charge Customer

  5. Enter information such as:

    • Memo - Enter notes, if necessary
    • Check the "Email Receipt to Customer" box, if an emailed receipt needs to be supplied
  6. Select the invoice(s) this payment should be applied to and enter the amount to be applied (to each invoice if more than one)

  7. Select Pay From account (Bank Account or Credit Card)

  8. Choose account to withdraw the payment from

  9. Select Pay On date - the date the payment is to be debited from the customer's bank account (Credit card payments are processed immediately on the date the payment is scheduled)

  10. Click Submit

  11. Click Done

Things to know

  • Once you create the payment, the Payments in screen will display a Payment date which is the projected deposit date
  • We will email you with any updates regarding the status of the payment