QuickBooks Online Sync Error: The Amount Paid plus credits can't be less than the selected bills

Why the Sync Error occurs

This error occurs when a vendor credit is applied to a bill in PayMaker and that application is trying to sync to QuickBooks Online, but the open balance of the bill in QuickBooks Online is less than the credit amount applied.

How to Fix the Sync Error

If the bill is already marked as paid in QuickBooks Online, you should research the credit and payment appliications in both QuickBooks Online and PayMaker, and be sure they are both correct and match.

  • If the credits on the bill in PayMaker are correct, void the payment and/or remove the credits in QuickBooks Online, and let the credit application sync over from PayMaker
  • If the credits on the bill in QuickBooks Online are correct, remove the credits in PayMaker
  • If both QuickBooks Online and PayMaker are correct, contact Customer Support to clear the error