QuickBooks for Windows Sync Error: There is a missing element: "TxnID"

Why the Sync Error occurs

This error occurs when the bill or invoice for the payment listed in the sync error cannot be found in QuickBooks. This can happen if the bill or invoice did not sync from PayMaker or if the bill or invoice was deleted in QuickBooks.

How to Fix the Sync Error

Check the Sync Status page in PayMaker to see what is causing the error:

If the error is for a payment for your vendor:

  1. Delete the bill in QuickBooks
  2. After deleting the bill (or if you cannot find the bill), contact Customer Support to request to have the bill re-synced to QuickBooks
  3. After the bill syncs, the payment will sync and the error will resolve

If the error is for a payment received from a customer:

  1. Find the invoice for the payment received in QuickBooks and clone it
    • If you cannot find the invoice, create a new invoice and reapply the payment
  2. In PayMaker, find the corresponding invoice
  3. Click More actions
  4. Click Clone Invoice
  5. Update the invoice
  6. Uncheck all boxes under Send Via
  7. Click Save
  8. From the Sync Status page, click on the Payment Received
  9. Click the edit icon
  10. Apply the payment to the newly created invoice
  11. Delete the original invoice
  12. Sync again Once the newly created invoice syncs, the applied payment will sync and the error will resolve.