QuickBooks for Windows Sync Error: No Disk - There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive filepath.

Why the Sync Error occurs

This error is often due to a USB device (e.g., a flash drive, external hard drive, MP3 player, cell phone) that has not been safely removed from the computer.

How to Fix the Sync Error

To resolve this error:

  1. Close QuickBooks and the Bill.com Sync Dashboard
  2. Safely remove the device from the computer by clicking on the Safely Remove Hardware icon
    • It's located in the notification area on the far right of the taskbar
    • Click the Show hidden icons button to display all icons in the notification area
    • Alternatively, safely remove devices from the Computer folder by clicking Start Computer, right-click the device you want to remove, and click Eject
  3. Remove the device if is still plugged into the computer
  4. Sync again

If the error continues, reboot the computer and sync again.