Create a Sync Token to sync with QuickBooks for Windows

When setting up the sync between PayMaker and QuickBooks for Windows, the Sync Dashboard Profile Editor asks for login credentials. A Sync Token can be used as a substitute for the email and password to connect the two systems.

Note: If using a powered solution through a bank/financial institution, the sync token will be required to connect the sync.
BDC login creds

A Sync Token is a name and password pair separate from the email and password used to log in. The token is strictly for syncing, it can not be used to log into a PayMaker account.

Creating a sync token

  1. Click Settings
  2. Under Sync, click Tokens
    Sync token link
  3. Click New
    Sync token new
  4. Name will auto-populate (this is a one-time use object)
    Sync token username
  5. Click Save. The token will be generated (also a one time use object).

    Sync token password
    • Write down or copy & paste this token, before navigating away from this page, as it is only shared one time
  6. On the Sync Dashboard:
    • Email = Token Username
    • Password = Token

Things to know

  • Creating a new token will invalidate the previous active token

If you do not see the described feature available in PayMaker, you may not have access to the feature based on permissions for your role and/or your plan does not have this feature. If you wish to get access to the feature, please review the available plans for PayMaker and upgrade accordingly or contact the Administrator of your PayMaker account. Changes in monthly user fees may apply.