Viewing vendor ePayment information

For security and privacy, vendor information is secure and encrypted, but if you have manage vendor permissions in your role, you can check if a vendor has existing ePayment information.

Viewing a Vendor's ePayment information

  1. Click Vendors in the left navigation menu
  2. Click the name of the vendor
  3. Click More Actions
  4. Click ePayment info

If you entered the bank account information in your account for the vendor, you will see the last four digits of the bank account, and the full routing number.

If you are linked to the vendor's account and they manage the ePayment info themselves, you will not see any account info, but you will see if there is an existing verified bank account.

If you believe the information is incorrect (for example, if the vendor did not receive the test deposit sent to the bank account provided), please enter the banking information again or ask the vendor to log in to their account to enter the routing number and bank account number again.

Once entered, a new test deposit will be sent to verify a deposit to the account.