Lead time preferences and how they impact payables

A Process date is determined based on the due date of the bill and the lead time established in the Payables Preferences account setting or in a specified Vendor's preferences.

When setting the preferences for Payables during the account creation, the option to set the Lead Time is presented. If no preference is provided, the system will default to a Lead Time of six (6) days. The recommended six (6) day Lead Time is estimated using three (3) business days to mail the bill through USPS. This is designed as a conservative setting to ensure the payments arrive on time.

Payables Preferences

  • A reminder to pay a bill will be sent six (6) days before a bill's due date based on the Lead Time setting
  • On the Pay page, the Process Date will calculate as six (6) days in advance of the Due Date whenever possible
  • The Process Date can be edited manually for any bill payment that should be paid earlier or later than the default date posted
  • If a bill is not entered at least seven (7) days before a Due Date, the process date will be set as close as possible to the Lead Time date based on the Payables Preferences
    • For example, if the Lead Time is set to six (6) days and a billed is entered four (4) days prior to the Due Date, the Process Date will be calculated as three (3) days prior to the Due Date, allowing for the one (1) day required for bill scheduling.

Vendor Preferences

Custom Lead Times can be set by Vendor. If a Vendor Lead Time is left blank, the Lead Time calculation will default to the Payables Preferences setting.

To update a vendor's custom lead time, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to PayMaker
  2. In the left navigation pane, click Vendors
  3. Click the vendor you'd like to update
  4. Click Edit
  5. Click the toggle tab next to Additional Information to extend the category
  6. Enter a number for the number of Lead Time Days for that vendor only
  7. Click Save