Customize Payment Memo field

The memo field on checks and ePayments sent using PayMaker are auto-filled with Invoice number and Account number by default. The memo field can be customized so your vendor receives the payment with exactly the information they require.

Customizing the memo field

  1. Select the bill to pay on the Unpaid Bills tab
  2. Click Review & pay
  3. Review the payment details, editing the fields of the amount, date, and issuing bank account for the payment being scheduled
  4. Customize the memo in the Memo field
  5. Click Pay

Things to know

  • The custom memo will be added to the default memo content of Invoice number and Account number
  • Once saved, the memo field cannot be edited
  • If the memo field needs to be edited, the payment will need to be canceled and a new payment issued
  • The memo field has a limit of 70 characters