What a network vendor sees when a bill is created

When a bill is created in a Payables account, a corresponding invoice will be generated in the Bill.com account of the networked vendor's Basic Receivables account. This is designed to assist them with invoice and payment tracking. The vendor will not need to contact their customer regarding payment status since they can track invoice activity and payment status in their own Bill.com account.

Vendors with Basic accounts

When a bill is entered for a networked vendor with a basic account, a corresponding eInvoice (minus allocations) will be created in the vendor's Bill.com account. They will be able to log in to their Bill.com account to view the invoice and payment status under the customer profile in their account.

Vendors with Advanced accounts

When a bill is entered for a connected vendor that has an advanced Bill.com account, no corresponding invoice will be generated. This is by design, based on the understanding that a User on an advanced account most likely already has a copy of the invoice, which they've submitted to you. A matching invoice will only be created when a note made visible to the vendor is added to the invoice and the bill didn't originate from the vendor. The matching invoice is created so the vendor has the invoice to reference when reviewing the note.