Network Vendor and Customer Recommendations

We have a growing network of companies who use PayMaker to pay their bills and get paid by their customers. It's very likely that many of your business contacts are already in the network. Get connected today!

Getting Connected

Upload your Vendor and Customer lists and get connected. To start, you'll need a CSV file of your Vendor and Customer lists.

To make sure you upload the data required in the correct format, use the import template to format the import of data. Users can download the template directly from the PayMaker Account:

  1. Log in to PayMaker
  2. Click Settings
  3. Under Import/Export, click Import/Export
  4. Click Import next to Vendors (or Customers)
  5. Click downloadable template in the sentence "Use our downloadable template to get started"

Once the CSV file is saved and formatted, return to the Import screen:

  1. Browse to select the file to import
  2. Click Upload

Once the list is uploaded, you're ready for the next steps. If we find potential matches, we'll display them on your homepage, under the Network icon. To connect with one of your recommended connections, click Send invite by each vendor and customer name or Invite all to invite the list in just one click.

You can also search the network for companies to connect with by clicking the Access additional network features here link under the Network icon.