Network icon

The Network icon makes it easier to review network options without navigating away from the current page:

A dot will be displayed over the network icon if there is a pending connection request:

Options to manage the Network

If there are no vendors on the account, the following options are available from the Network icon:

  • Access additional network features
  • Add a new vendor
  • Import your vendors

If there are vendors in the account, from the Network icon, the following options are available:

  • Access additional features
  • Review or Deny received connection requests
    • Up to 5 requests will show up at a time
    • Once a request has been accepted or denied, any additional request will replace it
  • Invite vendors for ePayment that haven't been invited already
    • Up to 5 vendors will show up at a time
    • Invites can be sent to all shown by clicking on Invite All
    • Once a vendor has been invited, any additional uninvited vendors will replace it