Oracle NetSuite Sync Error: Value for location/department/class was either blank or invalid

Why the Sync Error occurs

This error occurs when a payment or fund transfer cannot sync to Oracle NetSuite because Make Locations (or Departments or Classes) Mandatory is enabled in Oracle NetSuite. PayMaker does not allow for these classifications on payments or funds transfers.

How to Fix the Sync Error

Disable the Make Locations (or Departments or Classes) Mandatory setting in Oracle NetSuite. There are 2 options to disable:

Disable the setting for the specific transaction type:

  1. Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms
  2. Locate the form for the erroring transaction type
  3. Ensure that location/department/class is not a mandatory field

Disable the setting for all records and transactions

  1. Set up > Accounting > Accounting Preferences
  2. Uncheck Make Locations (or Departments or Classes) Mandatory

If this setting cannot be disabled, manually enter the transaction in Oracle NetSuite. Then in PayMaker:

  1. Click Fix or Resolve on the sync error
  2. Select I've updated this sentpay in NetSuite; remove this error and sync future updates
  3. Click Confirm/Next to clear the error