Associating a document with an existing bill

PayMaker provides the option to associate a document from the PayMaker Inbox to an existing bill.

From the Inbox

  1. Click Inbox on the left navigation menu
  2. Locate the document
  3. Click More actions
  4. Under Add To Existing, click Bill
  5. Select the Vendor
  6. Click Search
  7. Select the bill to associate the document with
  8. Click Save

From the existing bill

  1. Click Edit on the bill
  2. Browse or Drag & Drop the document into the document window
  3. Click Save


An eBill cannot be associated with an existing bill. If you receive an eBill that is a duplicate of an existing bill, best practice is to delete the existing bill and accept the eBill so any updates from your vendor will sync to the eBill.