Setting Up Your Inbox

The Inbox is an intuitive, inbound-only file sharing tool designed to streamline document management while saving time and reducing or eliminating paperwork.

Once documents have been added to the Inbox, they can be used to create new or associate to existing bills, invoices, payments received, vendors or customers.

A unique Inbox email address will be generated which can be provided to vendors and customers so they can email bills and invoices directly into the account for processing.

All users can upload to the Inbox, but only users with Use Inbox permissions can setup the Inbox, and see or process documents after uploading

Setting up the Inbox email address

By default, the Inbox email address will be For example: Acme and Company will be assigned the Inbox email address The Inbox email address can be updated by taking the following steps:

  1. Click Inbox in the left navigation pane
  2. Under Start using the inbox, click edit next to the current Inbox email address
  3. Enter the new Inbox email address, using a minimum of eight (8) characters in front of the domain
  4. Click Save

Tip: If you have an internal business email address setup for this process, set up auto forwarding from that inbox to the PayMaker Inbox address to avoid changing your vendor's process.

Editing the Inbox email address

From the Inbox page

  1. Click Edit next to the current Inbox email address
  2. Enter new Inbox email prefix
  3. Click Save

Bringing in documents

All users can upload documents to the Inbox, but only users with Use Inbox permissions can see or process those documents after uploading. You can bring documents into the PayMaker Inbox four (4) different ways:

  • Email: Email the document to the PayMaker Inbox email address

  • Drag and drop: Locate the document on your computer and drag the document into the Drag and drop box

  • Browse your computer: Click Browse your computer, locate and select the document, click Open

  • The time and date each document arrived to the inbox will on the top right of each document document

Setting Inbox Preferences

When you first open your inbox after setup, you will see a tip, letting you know you can choose between our list view inbox and our grid view inbox. You can change this at any time by clicking the view you'd prefer in the top right corner of the inbox.

Email Content and Attachments

After uploading or receiving your first document, you will see an inbox preference popup, asking how you'd like to handle incoming emails that have a message in the email body (you can change this later if needed, steps below).

  • Bring attachments and email messages into the Inbox as individual documents: emails with content in the body will be in the inbox as separate documents
  • Only bring in attachments (disregard email messages): anything entered into the body of the email will be ignored, and only attached documents will be shown in your inbox


The first time you click Enter Bill on a document with more than one page, you will see the option to select your preference to attach all pages, or just the first page of multi-page documents to bills by default (you can change later if needed, steps below).

Editing Inbox preferences

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Inbox
  3. Hover over Details, click Preferences

Email Content and Attachments

  • Set to YES to bring in the body of emails sent to the inbox, as a separate document
  • Set to NO to just bring in attachments from emails


  • Always attach the first page of the document as default
  • Always attach all pages of the document as default

You can also edit your inbox email address here, and set up an optional fax number for your inbox.