Oracle NetSuite Error: INVALID_TRANS_SUB_ITEM: Transaction subsidiary XXXX is not valid for item XXXXX Please choose a different item

Why the Sync Error occurs

This error occurs when a bill is attempting to sync from Oracle Netsuite to PayMaker℠ and is caused by a line item within Netsuite that's being populated in the bill where that list item isn't part of the subsidiary that the BILL account is syncing to.

How to Fix the Sync Error

To resolve the error, the list item needs to be updated to include the subsidiary the PayMaker account is syncing with. Check the form that's being used when creating the list item for any required fields where the information populating isn't part of the subsidiary that the vendor is assigned to.

To view the form in Oracle Netsuite:

  1. Select Customization
  2. Select Forms
  3. Select Transaction Form

Note: Standard Netsuite forms are fully supported; however, support for custom forms is limited.